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Introducing Firebase Authentication | AdminJS Changelog

Introducing Firebase Authentication | AdminJS Changelog

We're excited to announce the arrival of a new premium addon for AdminJS – Firebase Authentication. This addon make setting up authentication in your AdminJS projects more straightforward than ever, providing a robust and secure login system for your AdminJS projects.

It requires a one-time purchase, and once acquired, can be used across all your applications.

Key features

✨ Easy installation and configuration: Simply add @adminjs/firebase-auth to your project using Yarn and configure it with your Firebase project details and license key.

🧩 Firebase UI integration: Utilize firebaseui-web to generate a sleek and user-friendly Firebase UI in the login form. Customize the UI to fit your needs, with options for pop-up mode, sign-in flow, and more.

🛡️ Secure Firebase app initialization: @adminjs/firebase-auth initializes a Firebase App in the login view, ensuring a secure and reliable authentication process.

🔐 Robust authenticate method: Define an authenticate method to verify user access tokens and manage user details, enhancing security and user management.

⚙️ Customization and troubleshooting support: Customize the look and feel of your Firebase UI, handle login overrides, and configure functions and callbacks with ease. Plus, our team is here to assist you through our Discord server for any installation or usage queries.

Get started with Firebase Authentication today and enhance your AdminJS projects with a powerful, Firebase-based authentication system. For more details, feel free to check its official documentation page.

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