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Cross‑platform bus‑hailing application



Project success

We built an AdminJS-powered system used by

  • 12 milion+


  • 500+


  • 900+

    transport partners

  • 60+

    payment providers

About Bussr

Bussr Technologies is a leading Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions provider from Singapore.

The main purpose of the app was to give users a reliable way of getting from point A to point B without the hassle of looking for a parking space, especially considering local transportation realities.

Business challenge

Launching MVP and business operations in merely 6 weeks.

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What we delivered

  • B2C mobile application for passengers

  • Mobile application for bus drivers

  • Back-office system for operations management (drivers, buses, petrol control, finance control, bus routes optimization system)

  • Back-office system for passengers management (tickets, payments, refunds, user data collection)

  • Sonic ticket validation support

  • Google Maps Platform services integration

what we delivered

Key AdminJS-powered features


Google Maps Platform integration

To speed up operations and eliminate the need for repetitive manual inputs, we integrated a set of services out of Google Maps Platform into the back-office panel available to various Bussr administrative teams.

Advanced bus routes creator

Bussr team was manually defining new bus routes using geo coordinates, which made the entire process extemely time-consuming and prone to human error. A simple drag and drop bus lines creation tool was introduced to change that.


Sonic ticket validation

In order to speed up a bus onboarding process and decrease time spent on each stop, an ultrasound-based verification tool was integrated both into the driver and passenger apps.

Business intelligence

Bussr’s operations department required access to numerous statistics and collected user data, hence the decision to integrate AdminJS with AppsFlyer and Tableau, BI tools heavily used by Bussr.


Vouchers and discounts

Discounts and vouchers are a vital form of marketing operations, especially for on-demand services. Voucherify was used to cover those needs and AdminJS integration was developed for easier sync of active campaigns.

Firebase-powered authentication

Firebase services were used to handle user authentication process, enable all of the popular methods of sign up and phone number verification as well as deep linking functionalities used by Bussr marketing team.

What we delivered

Additional development services

Backed by technological expertise of RST Software and their pool of 160 developers, we built for Bussr a set of mobile and web applications, essentially taking care of the entirety of their software development process.


Tech stack we used in Bussr


  • React
  • TypeScript


  • Node.js
  • TypeScript


  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud


  • React Native


  • AdminJS
  • Google Assets Tracking
  • xendit
  • Voucherify
  • Google Firebase
  • AppsFlyer
  • Tableau

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