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Project success

600+ cars leased in just 9 months

About CarFellows

CarFellows is an online B2C car leasing platform that connects the largest car dealerships in Germany in the likes of Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Cupra or Škoda with their end clients by offering a long-term rental of brand-new cars.

Business challenge

CarFellows needed to switch from their overcomplicated and unscalable WP-based e-commerce platform to a more simple and modern administration panel with rich customization possibilities.

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What we delivered

  • Back-office admin panel for CarFellows team

  • Dealerships panel that provided dealers with control over stock and offerings

  • Financial module with credit score verification and leasing rate calculator

  • Built-in contract e-signage

  • 3rd-party sales and marketing CRMs integration

  • Frontend for the e-commerce platform

what we delivered

Key AdminJS-powered features


Complete back office system

We expanded AdminJS into a complete back office solution that helped CarFellows employees access necessary information and manage their entire business using a role-based permission system.


Speeding up sales process required digitalizion of contract signing procedure, which we tackled by integrating 3rd-party e-signature software into the AdminJS-powered administation panel.


Panel for car dealerships

CarFellows provides their partner dealers with a dedicated panel enabling unrestricted access to offers, stock and order management as well as sales dashboards with the required data.

3rd-party CRMs integration

In order to feed AdminJS dashboards with relevant sales data, we built a custom integration with CarFellows external 3rd-party sales and marketing CRM systems.


Marketing support

Considering how crucial of a role marketing plays in e-commerce, we built API connections with major social media advertising engines as well as SEO optimization capabilities.

Internal communicator

Streamlining business operation was one of the key requirements, which is why we built a chat module that made it easier for their sales team to manage orders and other sales-related tasks.

What we delivered

Additional development services

Backed by technological expertise of RST Software and their pool of 160 developers and solution architects, we delivered a complete mobile-friendly e-commerce platform and a complete administrative software for CarFellows team and their partners.


Tech stack we used in CarFellows


  • React


  • Node.js
  • Nest.js
  • Next.js


  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud Run


  • Cypress


  • Atlas MongoDB


  • AdminJS
  • GitHub Actions
  • Vercel

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