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DIVE (Dimensional Innovations)

Interactive 360° video conferencing tool



About DIVE

DIVE, or DI VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE™, is a first-of-its-kind immersive video conferencing platform for 360-degree interactive presentations, designed to help enterprises leverage their briefing centres capabilities for virtual and hybrid meetings with their clients and employees to engage them like never before.

Business challenge

Developing an MVP of a new product using an open-source solution for their Node-powered platform.

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What we delivered

  • Back-office panel that allowed managing of the entire business from a single place, including a built-in custom CMS

  • A range of custom AdminJS features, including support for 360° panoramic media and video conferencing

  • Optimization of the entire backend of the DIVE platform

  • Custom presentation templates

what we delivered

Key AdminJS-powered features



With providing flawless user experience in mind, the app was designed to be fully web-based and require no software downloads in order to join any of the DIVE-powered meetings.

Full-featured CMS

Being a content-based platform, it required a content management system in place for easy administration and management of the files, presentations and other branded materials both for DIVE themselves and their clients.


360° presentations

DIVE’s core business funtionalities required a set of modules for creation and management of interactive panoramic video calls and presentations with support for in-video hotspots and layered 3D imagery.

MapBox integration

Integrating AdminJS with MapBox enabled creation of map-based presentations with on-screen data points from within the admin panel, without the need to use any additional software.


Live chat and polls

Host-guest interactions are one of the key elements of any successful presentation, hence the developed support for live chat and polling system that also keeps all the logs in DIVE CMS for further analysis or archiving.

Up to 50 concurrent participants

Increased users capacity makes DIVE a great solution not only for sales calls with leads and clients, but also serves as a tool for virtual and hybrid team meetings in corporate HQ, training facilities, innovation labs and more.

What we delivered

Additional development services

Backed by technological expertise of RST Software and their pool of 160 developers and solution architects, we delivered a full-featured web application for enterprise usage as well as helped with stabilization of the entire backend system.


Tech stack we used in DIVE


  • Vue.js


  • Node.js
  • Express


  • AWS
  • Heroku


  • Jest
  • Supertest


  • PostgreSQL
  • Sequelize


  • AdminJS
  • MapBox
  • Handlebars

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Tech support

Dedicated development support teams allow businesses to use our expertise and add custom features or help with the maintenance of AdminJS-powered solutions.


We offer training for your developers on how to use and develop additional features for the AdminJS, so you can stay independent and expand your system with your internal forces.


Our DevOps and software architects are ready to help you evaluate the architecture of your system and advice on the best suiting solution for your specific case.

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