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Data centralization and management admin platform

An effective way to manage your business data

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Simplify your company’s data management and power back-office operations with an easily deployable administration system


Built for startup and enterprise use

Move prone-to-human-error operations on your database to a back office administration panel which has been designed for non-technical employees. Your operations team can do their job without worrying that their actions can have a detrimental effect on the system.

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Gather business intelligence in one place

AdminJS can be integrated with your 3-rd party BI tools and help your teams streamline their decision-making processes.

Supports custom business logic

You don’t need to adjust your business to fit a selected solution’s architecture. Adjust AdminJS to fit your business structure instead.


Manage your stock, orders, delivery or any other resources via a single easy-to-use administration panel with a fully customizable data dashboards and an ability to integrate with your CRMs.

Easy to host and scale

AdminJS is designed to work with cloud-native solutions from AWS and GCP or as a self-hosted system, offering an extensive security and scalability to support your business.

What our users are building with AdminJS


Bus‑hailing mobile app

Bussr Technologies is a leading Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions provider from Singapore. The main purpose of the app was to give users a reliable way of getting from point A to point B..

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Interactive video conferencing

DIVE, or DI VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE™, is an immersive video conferencing platform for 360-degree interactive presentations, designed for virtual and hybrid company meetings.

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E-commerce for automotive sector

CarFellows is an online B2C car leasing platform that connects the largest car dealerships in Germany with end clients to offer them a long-term rental for brand-new cars.

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Connect your tools of choice

Thanks to the architecture of AdminJS and its readyness for 3rd-party tools integrations, you don’t need to switch tools you are already using.

Enterprise features

A range of AdminJS functionalities were designed with enterprise users in mind in order to provide required level of security and scalability.

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    Custom dashboards

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    Role-based access contol

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    i18n localization system

  • Marketing support

  • Backup safety system

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    Log system control

  • .CSV import mapping

  • 24DA7A5D-66C5-499F-B2DA-1B6229A57852

    File upload module

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Enterprise-level support

Tech support

Dedicated development support teams allow businesses to use our expertise and add custom features or help with the maintenance of AdminJS-powered solutions.


We offer training for your developers on how to use and develop additional features for the AdminJS, so you can stay independent and expand your system with your internal forces.


Our DevOps and software architects are ready to help you evaluate the architecture of your system and advice on the best suiting solution for your specific case.

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  • When building our platform, we relied on the AdminJS tool, which resulted in a stable solution that in a short time allowed us to start sales and actively operate on the market.

    Nina Geiss CEO, CarFellows GmbH
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    Nina Geiss CEO, CarFellows GmbH
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    Nina Geiss CEO, CarFellows GmbH
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Training plan


3-day course

  • unrestricted access to our AdminJS experts
  • up-to-date knowledge about how AdminJS works
  • perfect for dev teams that want to learn how to customize AdminJS on their own



40h package

  • dedicated AdminJS engineer
  • dedicated software architect
  • perfect for dev teams that need to solve a specific issue or come up with a dedicated solution

AdminJS development


160h package

  • dedicated AdminJS developer or a team
  • dedicated software architect
  • perfect for businesses that want to add new features to support their existing business logic

Custom software development

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for tailored estimation

  • for startups or enterprise businesses that are looking for custom software development, including product and UX/UI design, quality assurance, project management and more
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