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AdminJS in cloud

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Our pricing is as competitive as Heroku, AWS or GCP and our cloud is best suited for hosting AdminJS panels.

  • Deploy your admin panel in our cloud with ease
  • One command deployment CLI
  • Convenient hosting service ready in the blink of an eye
Open Source

Open Source

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  • At AdminJS, we're all about JavaScript, Node.js and having a blast!
  • We're committed to working hand in hand with you on open source development.
  • Let's team up and make magic happen!
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Custom solutions

Supercharge your node.js apps with AdminJS, an open-source solution crafted with love by

  • We build your admin panel and other apps for you (custom development)
  • Cloud hosted (AWS)
  • Dedicated developer or a team
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Custom Solutions


All of the Cloud plan applications are hosted on a private VPC on AWS.

You will have a private channel on AdminJS community Slack, where one of our team members will answer the technical questions. Your questions will be prioritized before the community help questions and we’ll do our best to asnwer them within 24h.

We have a team of dedicated developers working full time on adapting the library to constantly changing requirements.

To receive the access to the user dashboard you should start your 7 days free trial account.

To deploy your AdminJS application you should login to your cloud dashboard. Then create your AdminJS panel instance and use our deployment CLI to bundle and deploy your application. For more please follow our documentation.

AdminJS is an brand of RST Software Masters, the leading software house in Poland with 20 years experience.

As AdminJS we host only the application, while database should be hosted on your side. It makes you the only owner of the data. However we provide an easy setup to secure the connection between the database and AdminJS application using SSH tunneling or VPC peering.

Yes, in the Enterprise plan we will build the whole application for you. Contact us to discuss your idea!
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